Juli Merciez, RN, BSN - Co-Founder, Executive Director


  Becky Le, RN, PhD - Co-Founder

Juli and Becky started working and dreaming about helping mothers and babies and building a residential maternity home back in 2002. They both knew from a very early age they would be nurses one day, and each worked extensively in labor and delivery.  Moms and babies have always been their life!!


In the summer of 2015 - after 13 years of various work and life experiences - Juli and Becky re-united to see those dreams and vision become a reality.


Fall 2015 brought validation that they were called to provide a mobile unit, residential maternity home and resource coordination to fill a gap in the Bartlesville and surrounding areas. 

Today, a team of amazing people assist women in decisions about their pregnancy, resources to have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, develop parenting and life skills, pursue their education and engage in their community. This is The Cottage LIFE!!